Camera + specular-map lighting + more

I’ve spent the last couple days trying to work out view-space vs world-space and how to incorporate lights into my shaders. It’s been difficult. The concept of a View space vs World space and when to use which is not a simple one. Anyway, I now have materials with specular maps and diffuse maps (and […]

Textured Sphere and The Economy

UV Mapping a Sphere After another couple of hours I’ve figured out what UV coordinates are and have managed to texture my rotating sphere with earth. I’ve been reading that the best way to texture a sphere is with a Cube Map, so that’s the next thing to learn now. For example, if I move […]

The Last Boundary – A Game of Universal Domination?

This is the beginning of a Dev Blog for a very ambitious project. It’s particularly ambitious considering that very few of my game projects (i.e. I nearly completed one) ever make it to a playable state. However I have learned over time that I’m good at getting a single aspect of it down and done. […]