Arrays Completed 75%

Arrays can now be declared separately from it’s definition. So

will now work. I’ve also added two new operators; “array push front”, which looks like -> , and “array push back” which looks like <- . The idea is that it’s pointing from the left to the left-most element, meaning push front and the alternative pointing […]

Arrays Completed 50%

I’ve now finished implementing arrays in my scripting language. For now, they’re not dynamically sized, and they need all their arguments when first created. I.e. you need to write:

You can’t write

You can otherwise access array elements and update them as necessary. All regular automatic type conversion is handled. So:

Will […]


I’ve now managed to implement a SpaceEngine Format file to use as a UI layout file. In it you basically use the JSON like data format to create the individual top-level UI elements for the game. Next is to give the UI layout files some ability to implement actions. At the moment you can design everything, […]


I’ve now completed some additional engine work and implemented some architectural changes. The “Engine” is now decoupled quite a bit from the other components. So at the moment I have: SDLGLHandler  which manages the creation and management of the SDL_Window*  and the SDL_GLContext* . Essentially this does the buffer swapping, it also applies a spaceengine::PostProcessingEffectChain to the […]