Bringing bits together

I’ve now got what’s shaping up to be a pretty good UI system: The UI styling is defined via data in space-format (JSONish)

The layout of the UI is then defined by a second space-format file:

Then the “actions”, in the case above the single button, are defined in a space-script file:



I’ve now managed to implement a SpaceEngine Format file to use as a UI layout file. In it you basically use the JSON like data format to create the individual top-level UI elements for the game. Next is to give the UI layout files some ability to implement actions. At the moment you can design everything, […]


I’ve been without the internet for a little while so I spent a good part of that time refactoring some of the UI code. I quickly identified a distinction between widgets that hold a single other widget, and widgets that contain many other widgets. These are Containers vs Layouts. Obviously a widget that holds one other widget […]

Scrolling Box Complete

I’m pretty sure I’m now 99% complete with the scrolling boxes. There were a couple of bugs; one which was interesting. Because the  box essentially draws its contents onto a render texture, the render texture created is the size of the screen. Then, as the box is scrolled, basically the region of this texture that’s […]