The Last Boundary

You are the captain of a United Earth Empire Spaceship. Equiped with the empire’s new, one-of-a-kind engines, Hyper-Plasma Induced String Drives, your mission is to explore a new quadrant of the galaxy that is now open for exploration. Accompanying you are 1000 brave men and women, as well as your all important bridge officers.

The idea comes from my desire to play through episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Actual Star Trek games in my mind suffer from the same problem; it’s not really Star Trek. It’s nearly always action, and lasers, and fighting space-battles. But when I watch the show, that stuff doesn’t really happen all that much. And quite often, the Enterprise out-guns their adversaries, and the goal is to not kill them.

In The Last Boundary, you guide your ship through the stars of this new quadrant. Your mission is to explore and unravel the mystery of this quadrants previous civilisation. All the while, you need to keep an eye on your ship and crew, making repairs when needed, and keeping track of your resources and fuel.

  • Approaching a Moon
    Here’s a short video of the player approaching a moon when the power goes out. The effects here took me quite a while to get just right, which makes the placeholder art even worse 🙁
  • May 2020 Update
    I have really been neglecting this blog. But I haven’t been neglecting the game.
  • Progress Update 31st August 2019
    Sound Effects I’ve been progressing with the re-writing of episodes, starting with the space probe that approaches your ship. This has led to a whole bunch of sound effects and soundscapes that I’ve had to put together.
  • Using Noise and Median-Cut to Create Pixel-Nebula
    One of the things I wanted to have in The Last Boundary was nebula. They look awesome and space doesn’t look like space without them, instead it just looks like a few scattered white pixels. But because the game is supposed to be pixel-artish I had to find a way to make my noise library […]
  • Progress Update 13th August 2019
    New Artwork I’ve been hard at work learning how to do pixel-art. I present you with my new “ship crashing into a sun” artwork: This is replacing the old artwork here. I think it’s a big difference. I know that the pixel-art probably isn’t very good, but I’m proud of it. I’m a little concerned […]
  • Progress Update 7th August 2019
    I’ve now started work on some of the artwork. I’m not very good, and I imagine that this game will be a pretty big learning curve. Anyway, here it is, the second peice of art I’ve ever made:
  • Progress Update 28th July 2019
    Based on the feedback I recieved from the few people who took the time to playtest, I’ve made some changes.
  • Progress Update 8-June-19
    These last couple days I’ve started work on the star map. The idea is that a random number of stars, their planets, and the planets moons are generated. The numbers of star systems is somewhere between 15 and 20, maybe more or less, I’ll tweak it later. These are then arranged into “steps” according to […]
  • Progress Update – 22nd October 2018
    Lately I’ve been working on the events for the demo-build. Not much to say about it really. I’ve written I think maybe 2/3 of the events themselves, but will still need to create a bit of artwork to go with it. In addition there’s some additional audio to create, and I think I need to […]
  • Progress Update
    I’ve now implemented the sound a lot better, events can play sound effects. There’s also a couple of different background music tracks depending on the status of the ship. I’ve added a main menu and title screen.
  • Sound + Progress
    I’ve made a lot of progress these past few days. I’ve added sound effects and music. I’ve also created a more interesting event for testing purposes, with it’s own sound effects: Next I need to: Add a main menu Add a menu to see the crew details Add saving and loading of games Create more […]
  • Blinking lights!
    These last couple of days I’ve spent positioning and timing the blurts a little better, there’s still some work that needs to be done though. I’ve completed all of the dynamic text except for the officer names, which I’ll do once they have names, for now they don’t even exist. I’ve added the blinking lights […]
  • Nearly playable
    I’ve got an extremely short episode written that contains what I think is most of the elements to the game. Right now I’ve got a sort of playable thing happening except for variable text. There are variable options and blurts said by your bridge crew as well as random ones, but the text displayed to […]
  • Authoring tool 90% complete and GUI animation
    This past week I’ve worked some more on the authoring tool. I think it’s now in a state where it’s fairly usable. It probably needs a lot of work if it was ever to be a product, but right now I’m just considering it like a modding tool. The modding tools I’m used to were […]
  • Authoring Tool
    I worked some more on the Authoring Tool. Hopefully the interface is easy to use and doesn’t get in the way too much. Once I really start using it, I might find some annoyances in it that I’ll want to fix.
  • Space Adventure
    Now that I finished Pong, over a year ago, it’s time to work on the next project. Space Adventure. I’m calling it Space Adventure because I’ve not worked out a better name for it yet. Maybe I’ll call it “The Last Boundary: A Space Adventure” or something like that. It is a game idea that […]
  • Architectural Problems so Pong
    I’ve found that I’ve programmed myself into a bit of a corner. The issue is that my game engine, despite my best efforts, is architecturally bad. I think this is probably a regular occurrence for a first-time effort of a project this large. This poor design came about despite having read Design Patterns, Game Engine Architecture […]
  • Signed and Unsigned Integer Comparisons
    Occasionally I find that I need to compare signed and unsigned int values. This understandably throws warnings. So I wrote the following helpful functions to safely compare the values when needed. Obviously I try not to, but there’s times when I’m forced to. [crayon-62ef46c4a97e5075731473/] It allows me to compare signed int and unsigned int values as either the […]
  • Bringing bits together
    I’ve now got what’s shaping up to be a pretty good UI system: The UI styling is defined via data in space-format (JSONish) [crayon-62ef46c4aa431954637099/] The layout of the UI is then defined by a second space-format file: [crayon-62ef46c4aa43a980001196/] Then the “actions”, in the case above the single button, are defined in a space-script file: [crayon-62ef46c4aa43f220976431/] […]
  • Moon
    I’ve made some additions to my noise library. Most notably the random generation of rings. A bunch of combinations etc and I’ve got:
  • C++ Variant Type Walkthrough
    Considering the amount of pain I had trying to work out how to do this; I thought I’d write up something lengthy to explain how it works. It also helps me find if there’s anything in it that I don’t fully understand, else I wouldn’t be able to explain it. The full Variant types header […]
  • A Recursive Variant Type in C++
    Because one of my goals is to rely on as few external libraries as possible, I am not using Boost. As a result, there comes times when I need to roll my own, extremely useful, library-like code that isn’t a part of the C++ standard yet. One of these, is the Variant. A tagged union […]
  • Coupled the scripting engine with the UI engine
    I’ve now managed to get the scripting engine working with the UI engine. This means that the UI can now be completely defined outside of the game-code, in run-time language files. Should result in quick changes to the game UI when it comes to it; and even modding etc.
  • Back
    Back from a break.
  • Back onto the UI – Flowcharts
    Now that my scripting language appears to be complete, it’s back onto the UI programming. Most of it is there, one thing remaining is the “Flowchart”. It’s not exactly a flowchart widget, more like a “nodes” widget. The idea is the eventually you’d be able to add new nodes, connect and disconnect them as you […]