Fleet Battles User Interface

New User Interface and Components

I’ve been working on some new UI components, sliders and slider control groups. I’ve also put some more work into the actual UI look.

Fleet Battles 2015-03-23 14-34-16-71

Fleet Battles User Interface

Progress on Fleet Battles

Fleet Battles is what I’m naming the miniature game that I’m making to realise the fleet warfare aspect of the game. I’m also doing it so that I actually complete something and hopefully gain some learning from it to then proceed with the rest of The Last Boundary.

I’m sort of thinking that I may end up with several games, but that’s far into the future.

Anyway, I decided that the UI I had created looked a little sad; so I’ve been working in GIMP to make a new one. The result required some reworking of my UI code to incorporate the new bits and bobs but I think it looks pretty good so far.

Fleet Battles title and UI
New UI and Title Screen

The title could probably use some work; but I’m far from a designer. So it’ll probably stay like that.