User Interface

UI needs reworking

As I was continuing to work on tools for the engine, I wondered why I’m not using an “in-engine” tool. Other engines often have things like the level editor in engine so as to avoid duplicate code-bases.

I looked at my work on Noise Factory and realised that I had built a wrapper around my noise library and then plugged that into a GUI API. Why do that when I could’ve just used the UI I have made in-engine?

Quickly I realised it’s because my UI wasn’t easy to use to put together a program. The GUI framework tricks I learnt from wxWidgets really showed me the flaws in my own design. So, I’m not re-working the UI library to be friendlier to use, and easier to adjust.

This means, that I’ll most likely spend another few weeks working on the UI library. I guess if it’s at a point where I can use it quickly and easily, it will be that much simpler to finally implement it in a game.