Gameplay The Last Boundary

A Change of Pace

I’ve taken a few nights off coding to start thinking about game design for the fleet battles. I want to just start with probably a fleshed out game revolving around just the fleet battles.

There probably won’t be too much “game” in this game as fleet battles are not determined much by the player, but only influenced. What it will do is let me see how this influences affect the course of a battle.

So I’ve got a big spreadsheet with numbers and formulas to start working it all out. It’s beginning to come together nicely, especially the way a ship is fitted-out.

I’ve always wanted to, in many ways, mirror, Hearts of Iron 3. In doing so I’ve realised that there’s many differences between the game I envision and HOI3, the biggest of all being time.

My game spans so much more time.

The second biggest difference is history. My game is in no way historic.

What this means is that where HOI3 can model fleet combat for the naval technologies of a very narrow time period, I instead need to model fleet combat for technologies that span a very long period. And I haven’t got known numbers of historic ships to base this on.

So; I’ve been researching spacecraft propulsion and I think I’ve come up with a solution. The beginning of the game focuses on rockets and ion-drives. It won’t be until the mid-late game where theoretical propulsion methods come into play.

This means that I effectively need to model and account for two different systems of propulsion. One being rockets etc, the other being drives (Diametric Drives, Bias Drive, Warp Drive etc).

For Rocket travel, it’s a big straight line to your destination, accelerating half the way, decelerating the other half (or for a rocket-rocket, thrust at the beginning, long thrust at the end). Ships with rockets need both main engines and manoeuvring engines; and you can fit them out differently. This enables economic long distance travel, and speed manoeuvring in combat.

Drives give you both at once.

I’m also looking to use Orbital Transfers or something to save fuel on rockets moving about a system etc. However, this seems like a massive kettle of fish to have to model.

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