Space Game
Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NnbodyNbody namespace contains everything needed to run a certain number of particles through an n-body simulation
 NnoisemachineEverything needed to generate, modify and combine noise elements as well as everything needed to texture primitives with it
 NcombinerCombiners require 2 or more source modules. They combine the results of these modules in a specific way
 NgeneratorGenerators are what produce the initial noise values. These are unique in that they don't require (and can't use) source modules to enable calls to GetValue()
 NmodifierModifiers require and only accept 1 source module. They adjust the value from the source module in a specific way
 NutilityUtilities to help with noise generation
 NpathfinderEverything needed to find a path between two coordinates
 NuiThe ui namespace contains everything needed for the user interface. It also contains text drawing as this seemed like the most obvious place to put it
 NellipseThis namespace contains functions relating to ellipses
 NorbitEverything needed to calculate parts of orbits
 NsphereEverything needed to calculate things about spheres