Progress Update 28th July 2019

Based on the feedback I recieved from the few people who took the time to playtest, I’ve made some changes.

Big Space

I’ve changed the galaxy that you’re exploring to now be about 100 star-systems. This means that you’re able to scroll around on the galaxy map to fit it all in. To make it look a little more pleasing and make the connectivity of the universe a little more interesting, it has been constructed as a Gabriel Graph, which is a sub-graph of a Delauney Graph. It gives some interesting structure to the galaxy, but I am still weighing up doing it as some sort of Nearest Neighbour graph instead but right now this is giving me all the stuff I want.

I’ve also changed it so that you can only see the connectivity two systems ahead of you.

The new star map

More Interesting Battles

Based on feedback, I’ve made battles more interesting. Every battle is it’s own thing, which means each needs to be created and tailored to the events taking place. Where I would want some consistency in game-play mechanics, I would just copy-paste script from one event-node to another; but it means there can be options available only in this one battle. For example, an enemy may have several parts of their ship to destroy, or maybe you need to target the fighters before the main ship etc.

The downside is that battles take a looong time to create. Here’s the only battle I’ve created so far, against a small unmanned craft that has only phasers and no shields (this would be I think the simplest battle). The screenshot encompases the entire encounter.\

One small-scale battle


Again, from feedback, I’ve changed the resources you manage to more thematic things. Deuterium is what you need for fuel. Resources is everything you need for the crew. ShieldsHullTorpedoesLife-SupportPhasers, and Crew should all be pretty obvious.
They interact as follows:

  • Deuterium is used based on how far the system you’re travelling to is
  • The more Crew you have, the more Resources you use when travelling between systems
  • If your Shields are less than 100%, you will damage you Hull as you travel
  • Shields and Hull can be damaged in combat, as well as Life-Support and Phasers. Hull damage is combat means you lose crew
  • Torpedoes are used in combat
  • Life-Support determines the upper-limit of crew you can have. 100% Life-Support allows for unlimited crew members.
  • Phasers deal less damage the more they are damaged
  • Less than 1000 crew makes everything worse

I think I need to add in Engines to the mix, so that it takes longer to travel when your engines are damaged, and your ability to maneuver in combat is reduced.


This wasn’t based off any feedback, but I’m in desperate need for artwork. The art I’ve done to date is I think pretty shoddy; and I’m dreading the amount that I’ll need to make.

I’m considering doing the artwork for an event only once I know it’s done and won’t change.

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