Progress Update 31st August 2019

Sound Effects

I’ve been progressing with the re-writing of episodes, starting with the space probe that approaches your ship. This has led to a whole bunch of sound effects and soundscapes that I’ve had to put together.

Phaser – this is what your ships phaser sounds like when you’re forced into conflict.

Phaser Sounds

Static – this is the audio feedback when you try to hail someone but they don’t respond.

No response to your hailing

Scanned – this is the sound of you being scanned by the probe.

You’re being scanned by a strange probe that has approached your ship

Ship Soaring – this is the sound overlayed on everything when the ship is soaring through space.

Soaring through space

Background Bridge – this is the background sound of the bridge.

The sounds of your ships bridge

I’ve also implemented proper fading and leveling of all the game audio and then doing more as I go along. All these audio changes have made a massive impact on the overall feel of the game.

As well as these new sound effects I’ve also made a lot of improvements to how events are constructed and made a heap of bug-fixes to both the writer and the main game.

The game is really starting to come together now. I still haven’t worked out how to handle (and whether it should even happen) the United Earth Empire coming in behind you and colonising systems. I’m not sure if it’s needed, but I have a feeling I only think that because my focus has been 100% on the story events, with no consideration for the overall “game” part of the game. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and accept that I’m making a visual novel?

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