I’ve now got enough rudimentary graphics in place to begin working on an actual game.

Because lots of my projects fail I’m very conscious of how they happen. In order to try and prevent it from happening again, I have a todo list. This is in a somewhat order of importance so that I will essentially work through the list item by item until I’m done (at which point I hope to have a game).

  1. Complete UI
  2. Game Logic
  3. AI
  4. Events Scripting
  5. Random System Generation
  6. Random Universe Generation
  7. Graphics Enhancements

Complete UI

This is one the most time-consuming and uncreative parts. I will need to create all of the UI elements that I think I will need, along with the creative for them. I think the UI design will be fairly angular and simple, but seeing as how a nice “look” is easiest done via bitmap images, I will make it so that it can be designed very crazily (it’s all in the textures).

  • Windows
    • Move
    • Close
    • Resize (with a min and max size)
    • Stay in Bounds
    • minimize
    • Event on Open
    • Event on Close
    • Event on Min
  • Buttons
    • Event on Click
  • Positioning
    • Box Elements (like a stack)
    • Absolute Positioning
  • Borders
    • Using bitmap graphics
  • Paragraph Text
    • Find it’s own newlines
    • Resizes and adjusts spacing
  • Text Window
    • Scrolls when contents are larger than it’s dimensions
  • Sliders
  • Scrollbars
  • Menus
  • Tooltips

There’s quite a bit to do on just the UI. The complexity of this game is going to require a very complex and fully-functional UI; I think a lot of time will be spent in the UI, so it needs to be expansive and look good.

There’s also some trickier things I want to do. When selecting a planet, for some reason, I have a vision in my head where this produces a rose-like menu centered around the planet.

Finally, I think this is needed, Graphs and Charts. They are a must have to present the sort of data that will be inside this game. Just a simulated economy, possibly a free-market, is going to need to present data to players so that they can make the best decisions. Quite frankly, you need to see things like education rates over time, and strategic damage from bombing over time via charts, or you’ll never know if you’re doing better or worse than before.

Game Logic

Here’s the cool stuff. But this is where it gets interesting to actually program.

A simulated economy. A simulated and possibly procedurally generated tech tree. Events and decisions. Uuugh. There’s a heap to do here. Oh and don’t forget a combat system. Governance, education. Hoo-boy.

To be honest, I’m not even sure how to begin to go about this stuff. I think to start with I should implement the combat system…

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