Fleet Battles Graphics The Last Boundary

Lens Flare

I’ve added the following Lens Flare effect. It produces artefacts and then does a shaping effect on them to make them look a little more like they came from a Lens.

There’s some chromatic distortion as well.

Fleet Battles 2015-05-23 15-35-05-24-ex

Fleet Battles Graphics The Last Boundary

More engine work

I found as I learn more about OpenGL and GLSL I find it easier and easier to decipher graphical concepts.

So now I’ve managed to completely figure out bloom, HDR and real Atmospheric Scattering.

I’ve also completed my Noise Engine for the CPU side of things, I’m looking into doing stuff with compute shaders to animate the noise in real time.

For now, here’s the new and improved planet. More after the jump.

Fleet Battles 2015-05-21 21-40-51-95

Graphics The Last Boundary

ShaderTool + Making a Sun

I purchased a really cool beta tool called ShaderTool. It let’s you visualize a shader effect.

It helped me create this:

animShaderTool 2014-10-19 21-30-47-51393

There’s more I need to do to it. But soon I will have bitchin’ suns in the game.