Physics The Last Boundary


One of the things that I definitely wanted to include in the game was the effects of time-dilation. However I only really had a vague understanding of what it is and what it means, so after reading that Wikipedia article I’m suddenly confused.

The Last Boundary is, I’d like to think, going to be a Grand Strategy Game. One of my favourite Grand Strategy Games, one of my favourite games ever, is Hearts of Iron III. One of the things that makes HOI3 so good is it’s attention to detail, at least it’s attention to detail regarding waging war during WW2. Things like supply lines play a crucial role; researching advances in radio equipment is beneficial.

In this same vein I want The Last Boundary to pay close attention to similar sorts of likely problems that would affect a space-faring empire and waging space-war. For example, distances, communication and the affects of time-dilation.